Lets get creative!

Kids Crooked House UK help businesses stand out from competitors with custom designed “crooked” playhouses and structures that brings out the imaginative side to kids play.  With our wealth of experience in the industry we are helping customers across the UK and beyond get crooked—from indoor play centres to restaurants, nursery facilities and theme parks.

Our team of talented designers, artists and carpenters will help make the Kids Crooked House vision for your businesses a reality. We can design, develop and install one-of-a-kind creative, crooked play space structures to energise your facility and amaze your customers. Check out our three-step process above for creating your play space to enhance your business.



During the first step of our three step Crooked Playspace Structure Process, a qualified design consultant will sit down with you one-to-one to discuss your overall vision for the project and structure of the play space. Topics will include the following:

1. Goals — At this preliminary stage, it is important to discuss what goals you have for your business or building site. What is the purpose of the play space structure? Should the play space inspire free thinking and imagination or recreate an existing environment? How many children should it accommodate? How many adults should it accommodate? Will the play space accommodate free play or supervised/organized play? Will there be a theme for the play structure or multiple themes?

2. Budget —Numbers are another important part of the discussion during the preliminary discussion phase. The overall budgetary goals help to direct our play space designers and structure production team. We pride ourselves in being able to find creative, high quality and affordable solutions for any business and to fit every budget. By knowing your limits at the outset, we can design a proposal that will best suit your needs.

3. Timing — The desired completion date is another important part of the preliminary discussion. Knowing the timeline you are working with helps us to plan our own production schedule. Due to the custom and hand crafted nature of our kids playhouses and playspace structure products, it is typically best to plan 3-4 months from initial conversations to completed product. The more familiar we are with your schedule, the better we can work around it and accelerate the process to any necessary deadlines.



During the second step of our three step Crooked Playspace Structure Process, you will have the opportunity to participate in several discussions (remote or face-to-face, depending on your location) with your personal Crooked Design Consultant and our Creative Director to begin the process of putting idea to paper. During phase two, our Creative Director and your Design Consultant will work together (with your assistance) to turn the information gathered in phase one into a formal sketch and proposal for your play space structure – outlining final costs, deliverables and our timetable. This proposal and the sketch will be the basis for our play structure build. After phase two is complete you will receive the following:

1. Professional Crooked Playspace Structure Sketches — After we have finalized your vision and ideas, our Creative Director will create a professional sketch for your review. The sketch will be delivered to you as a PDF file.  After the playspace sketch(es) are complete, you will have the opportunity to make any revisions to the play structure designs that you would like. However, you will want to keep in mind that the final project price may fluctuate due to these revisions.

Any time a revision is made (resulting in cost difference or not), we will submit a “Change Order” for your approval. As many Crooked Playspace projects go through multiple revisions, the Change Order process helps us to ensure we are working with the most recent and relevant versions of your custom design. At this stage we also require a “Good Faith” deposit of 20% (of the final sales figure) . This deposit is non-refundable but will be applied to your final balance when the play space project is complete.

2. Proposal — At the same time you review your formal and final playspace sketches, we will also submit a proposal for your review. In addition to your sketch, the proposal will also include reiteration of the vision of the Crooked Playspace structure project, deliverables, detailed pricing, timeline, delivery costs and delivery and assembly commitments. Once approved, this proposal becomes the ‘bible’ for our custom play space build. It will guide our carpenters and our designers as we turn your dream into reality.


Develop & Deliver

1. On-Site Evaluation — (applies only to some jobs) For large scale structures that require in-depth site analysis, Kids Crooked House UK offers our clients the option to have a preliminary meeting on site to establish final measurements and layout for the Crooked Playspace structure. This option is highly recommended for clients outfitting spaces of 2500+ square feet or with multiple levels and/or structures.

2. Build —During this stage of our process, our highly skilled carpenters and outside vendor partners (working directly with our Creative Director and your design consultant), will turn your Crooked Playspace vision and sketch into reality. This building phase of the process typically takes between 4-6 weeks. Your play space project will be built and fully assembled prior to palletization and delivery. We will provide detailed photos of the playspace structures throughout the production stage. Your design consultant will act as your liaison throughout this building process – conveying any changes, concerns, and/or suggestions to our build team.

3. Installation and Assembly — Installation of your Crooked Playspace Structure represents the final stage of our process. Currently, Kids Crooked House offers clients three separate installation options: Phone Support, Onsite Guidance or a Turnkey Solution.

A. Phone Support (offered at no additional cost) is provided the day-of the play space installation as support to your own assembly team. Kids Crooked House carpenters and designers will be available by mobile phone throughout the day to talk through any on-site build issues.

B. Onsite Guidance (offered at additional cost) provides for the travel, time and support of one member of our skilled Kids Crooked House UK team. This team member will support the assembly process onsite through verbal instruction and hands-on support. Although a Kids Crooked House team member will assist in the assembly, the contracting of a full team of labourers will remain the responsibility of the client. Kids Crooked House UK can help to determine how large the installation team should be and the estimated time for assembly. 

C. Turnkey Solution (offered at an additional cost) is our highest level of support. At this level, Kids Crooked House will be solely and fully responsible for your Crooked Playspace Structure project throughout each phase – including delivery and assembly. In addition to providing skilled members of our team to your business or site, we will also contract any additional labour necessary to complete your project in a predetermined amount of time. The installation process can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks depending on the scale and complexity of the play structure. Final schedules for assembly will be produced prior to shipment.

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